What we do

what we do

Our aim is to educate future generations about their environment and to retain and improve our own natural environment by helping businesses and individuals offset their carbon footprint with our voluntary ethical offsetting programme.

“Climate scientists believe that human induced global deforestation is responsible for between 18-25% of global climate change, this is also compounded by our global industrial and residential impact on the environment”

who we are

EnvironmentPlus International's aims and objectives are to undertake research, offer education programmes and acquire acreage for our nature reserves, which are a part of our ‘voluntary ethical offsetting programme’. EnvironmentPlus International is a fully registered ‘not for profit’ Community Interest Company (C.I.C).

In the period 2010-2011 we have assisted over 2,680 young people in the European Union and North America who have benefitted from our programmes and services. While we have a wide range of objectives, the main core is to provide educational and support programmes related to the environment, wildlife protection, flora and fauna.

With your help and our expertise we can continue to research and make a difference for younger generations and societies.